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We deliver a variety of accredited vocational training courses.


All our training is accredited under the national Trained Operator Passport Scheme (TOPS).

Guided Learning Hours

The Vocational Training Courses are made up of Modules which, are made up of a variety of Learning Units.

Each Unit equates to 10 GLH Guided Learning Hours (Delivery Time). These Units then build into Modules – the Module may comprise of 2 – 4 Units. Modules then build into Programmes or Courses with a specified number of Units to be achieved to give the learner a specific qualification either an Award, a Certificate or a Diploma, in their chosen subject.

The recommended notional learning time for one unit credit is 10 hours. The total recommended guided learning hours for the qualifications are shown in the table opposite.

Some learners will be able to achieve these units in a shorter time, other learners; particularly those with a learning difficulty and/or disability additional requirements, may take much longer.


Awards Qualifications Achievement Requirements

Awards Qualifications

Qualification Type

No of Guided Learning Hours / Number of Credits

Level 1 Award

120 GLH
12 Units of Credit

Level 1 Certificate

240 GLH
24 Units of Credit

Level 1 Diploma

380 GLH
38 Units of Credit

Level 1 Unit Value

10 GLH
1 Unit of

Level 1: Usual number of Units per Module

Vary between, 1 Unit & 4 Units of Credit per Module